The "Guernica" by Picasso - Queen Sofía Art Centre


grnstar.gif The Outdoors Sculpture Museum grnstar.gif

The main contemporary Spanish sculptors' work - Gustavo Torner, Eduardo Chillida, Joan Miró, Eusebio Sempere, José María Subirach and Pablo Serrano. -

grnstar.gif The Army Museum grnstar.gif

An entire museum of the Spanish history. All kind of weapons, scale models and portraits of the main protagonist of our past.

grnstar.gif The Book History Museum-National Library grnstar.gif

In the ground floor, on the left, there is an exhibition dedicated to the library and its history, and to the books as well. The collection, shows incunables books and original manuscripts, although some facsimiles are included, belonging to the National Library.

grnstar.gif The Lázaro Galdiano Museum grnstar.gif

This museum is one of the visits that a visitor must do in Madrid, because most of the gathered pieces, - enamel of Limoges, medieval ivories, jewels of Cellini, the portrait that Velázquez made of Góngora, several Goyas and The Greek, a Leonardo da Vinci, etc. -

grnstar.gif The Lope de Vega House Museum grnstar.gif

Furniture belonging to the poet or coming from other parts. Well restored, the different dependences allow to have an idea of the private and inner world of the Prince of Wites, the genius of our times.

grnstar.gif The Prado Museum grnstar.gif

The great star of Madrid and one of the most complete art galleries of the world. The museum, if not the most extensive it is certainly the most intense.

grnstar.gif The San Fernando Museum of Fine Arts grnstar.gif

This museum has the best painting collection that can be seen after the one of the Prado. Works of the great Spanish painters.

grnstar.gif The Queen Sofía Art Centre grnstar.gif

Before an imminent, and new remodeling, it continues showing the funds of contemporary art, highlighting the "Guernica" by Picasso, as the main work.

grnstar.gif The Museum of Romanticism grnstar.gif

The funds of the museum come from the donation made in 1920 by Marquis Vega Inclán (founder of the network of National Inns). But more than an exhibition of objects, the museum is an atmosphere of the last century, when Espronceda or Bécquer sang their indifferences in Madrid. Each room seems to conserve the spirit of their residents.

grnstar.gif The Sorolla Museum grnstar.gif

It occupies a precious mansion lifted in 1910 by the own painter's responsibility, who might have lived there until its death, in 1923, and that was donated to the Spanish State, as well as the works that it contains, by their widow Mrs. Clotilde García del Castillo, in 1929. A great number of works, in addition to the numerous objects and collections, Spanish jewels, etc.

grnstar.gif The Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Collection grnstar.gif

The private collection that will suppose to the visitor a complete route by the history of the painting, from the first Italians to the most modern authors.

Other museums exist in Madrid, but here we have only pay attention to those considered the most importants ones.

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