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The city of Madrid has magnificent Museums and Art Collections, where the visitors can admire some of the most famous works of classic and contemporary master painters. There are Art Collections but also other Museums, where there are objects, curiosities and animals, to inspect and to discover. The following one, is a short description of the best Museums in the city.

grnstar.gif The African Black World Museum grnstar.gif

During years, the missionaries have gathered an interesting collection of objects, - musical instruments, masks, gears - that are exposed next to a series of maps, that give us an idea of the African continent history

grnstar.gif The American Museum grnstar.gif

The museum is structured in five thematic areas - instruments of the knowledge, reality of America, communication, society and religion - with great unfolding in the same ones of didactic means - graphics, texts, maps and videos. -

grnstar.gif The National Anthropology Museum grnstar.gif

The collection, begun by Dr. González Velasco, was inaugurated by Alfonso XIII, in 1875, as an Anatomical Museum. In 1890, the funds of anthropology of the Natural Sciences Museum were added and in 1910, became the National Anthropology, Ethnography and Prehistory Museum.

grnstar.gif The National Archaeology Museum grnstar.gif

It is in the later part of the National Library building. Archaeological, Ethnographical and Numismatics collections. Between the masterpieces we can observe the "Lady of Elche" or the "Visigothic crowns".

grnstar.gif The Ornamental Arts National Museum. grnstar.gif

Interesting trip through the private life of the Spanish Society, from the Middles Ages to the last century, with the help of objects of common use. Excellent sections of tiles, ceramics and furniture.

grnstar.gif The Wax Museum grnstar.gif

Near 500 celebrities of all the times and related to all the fields - shows, sports, politics, etc. - Also, the typical impact scenes - robberies, murders, etc. -

grnstar.gif The Cerralbo Museum grnstar.gif

Private Art Collection, gathered by the Marquis of Cerralbo can be contemplated in its own palace, built at the end of the last century.

grnstar.gif The Natural Sciences Museum grnstar.gif

Very beautiful and interesting. To recommend specially when you are travelling with children.

grnstar.gif The Municipal Museum grnstar.gif

A complete vision, of the outside and inside of the city of Madrid from its beginnings until today - city-planning plans, infrastructures, public services, monuments, uses and customs of the Village and Court. To emphasize, the great number of scale models, practically all the monuments of the city, from a prehistoric cabin to the scale model of Charles' III statue, placed in 1995 in the Sun Gate.

grnstar.gif The Royal Discalced Convent grnstar.gif

Because it was under the royal protection, it has been able to gather an impressive art works collection, that transform it into one of the best museums in the city - tapestries of Brussels, paints by Valázquez, Murillo, Ribera, Wan der Weyden, Tician and sculptures by Gaspar Becerra, Pedro de Mena, etc.

grnstar.gif The Incarnation Convent grnstar.gif

The works conserved in this Convent show that it is necessary to consider it as a small museum of the Spanish history, and more concretely, of the period of the Austria. Paintings by Vicente Carducho, Pantoja de la Cruz, José de Ribera, Lucas Jordán, Juan Carreño and Antonio Pereda; Sculptures by Gregorio Fernández, Pedro de Mena, Isidro Carnicero and Felipe de Castro.

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