It went without saying, for someone that did not want to be seen the last place they would go would naturally be the Prado.

In the Madrid economy, there were two principal sources of supply for products. Moreover, is almost sure that in Madrid of the 17th century those two sources for supply of products were the Mediterranean ports for spices, fine objects, silk, etc., and the Atlantic ports for products from the colonies.

Recreation of a private room for women only.

Nevertheless, produce arrived in Madrid on a daily basis, greens, fruits, and vegetables from the nearby zones, either Castilian or other areas.

To explain the growth of personal wealth and the movement of funds in the Court there existed another decisive factor. "The loans," that the nobility, middle-class and civil servants, in addition to the clergy, that were given to other cities and regions, were capital funds that came from income received by the nobility, clergy, proprietors, landowners, etc.

The King and other government agencies were the payees of these loans, also.

Nevertheless, Madrid also produced a series of manufactured goods, from the artisans and masters that were not taken into account.

In the Court that were a multitude of small stores, small industries, workshops, forges, and shops, merchants and traders of all sorts, importers of products, rich and flourishing guilds, a mosaic of professions and businesses that impelled the capital economy, that is the Court, complex and diverse.

It was not justified that Madrid, in the 17th century, was economically considered a threshing floor and a parasitical city.

Madrid produced very little for export, it is true, but it maintained a production of goods, manufactured items and had sufficient capital, not only to maintain the economic wheels turning, but also to producing revenues and reserves.

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Comedians' low cart.
It highlights a curtain standing out on one hand
and another with vignettes to explain famous romances.

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