• ECCE HOMO (Alcalá de Henares).

This town is formed in the final epoch of the Bronze Age, on the hill of the same name, overlooking the Valley of the Henares River. Its extent was of 6 hectares [nearly 15 acres] occupied by shacks built with no regard to order. The economy was divided between agriculture and stock-raising for reasons of the natural wealth of the environs, and hunting was a secondary activity.

Toward the year 400 B.C. the town is moved to the ancient hill, El Viso, which later on gives way to the pre-Roman Complutum. Remains that have been found here include a great number of ceramic pieces and utensils of every kind. It is believed that they incinerated the dead.

  • CANTARRANAS (Madrid)

A town of the era of the Iron Age, of semicircular ground plan; it has circular wood cabins covered with clay, tamped floors and evidences of garbage-bins near the entry.

  • CUESTA ZULEMA (Alcalá de Henares).

A very small town, of similar characteristics, and of modest dimensions, 60 to 90 meters.

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