The Watercourse Park

It is a recent creation and is an example for the new Madrid parks, built in those parts of the city where such areas were insufficient or did not exist at all.

The park is divided into three sectors: the main area, walks and an artificial lake, taking the best advantage of the terrain. At the eastern end of the park, there is the Civic Centre of La Vaguada as a huge background feature, for which the park is an introduction.

Specially outstanding is the great platform designed as a classical arcade, where the different facilities are found: the Senior Citizens Club, the library, the sports centre and the auditorium.

The whole project was designed and carried out by the architects Jorge Parcerisas and Javier San José.

The North Park

It links to the one above, but it is older. Its main objective was to give shape to the urban areas of this part of the Fuencarral area. Its main features is the excellent way it makes use of the terrain, which turns into one of the best modern gardens in the country.

The Enrique Tierno Galván Park


It recovers an old fogotten area behind the Delicias Railway Station. The Silver Hill is a 54 ha. park today, with the purpose of providing with green areas the south of Madrid.

It consists of several parts with different functions, which make it something more than simply an area for taking a walk: the Planetarium, the main building of the whole facilities area, an auditorium for 10,000 spectators, and several areas of a symbolic type, such as La Paz (Peace) Square, Villanueva Square, which is designed as the ground plan of the Observatory in the Retiro, and the statue honouring Mr. Enrique Tierno Galván, the late mayor of the first democratic City Council in 1979, who promoted largely the measures that made Madrid what it is today.

His statue was sculpted by Francisco López. There are also the important artificial lakes near the M-30 motorway.



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