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Dear friend:

Before you browse this web site let me introduce myself.
My name is José Luis and I have designed this site entitled


with the purpose of letting you know a little more
about the city of Madrid and its cultural sphere.

I am so glad you have come to visit it.
If it is your first visit, please do feel welcome here!.

If you have been here before, welcome back!.

I would like to point out that some essays included in this site
were written by Juan Ramón, a very good friend of mine.
For that work, I want to show him from here, my most sincere gratitude.

For her generous collaboration, I also wish to express
my most sincere gratitude to "Mayrit", a very good friend of ours.
Without her help, the History of Madrid would not have been complete!.

Furthermore, I am very grateful to

Theodore S. Hudson
Luisa Fernanda López
Estrella Wilkinson
Susana Rivera

for their disinterested and generous help in traslating into English
Language some pages included in this web-site.

Finally, it seems perfectly fair to me to conclude by recognizing
the enormous help given by

Frederick W. Franck

with the English translations,
but particularly to let me become friends with him.

Would you like to tell us something?
Suggestions? Questions?
Comments or Criticisms?

Please, send them to the mailbox
or write them in the Guestbook.

Thank you in advance very much!.

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